Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More Yarn

I went to Joann's and bought more yarn. why i don't know. i have a serious addiction. i have to go back tommorrow though because i need a different yarn for a scarf. i can never manage to use what i have. I started on a sweater for myself monday and ripped it all out today because i discovered after almost a full skein that it was way to small. shoot. that was painfull. oh well. 4 more days till i get my digital camera!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Yea! New Blog

Alright, the time has come for a crafting blog. And once I recieve my digital camera for christmas i will start posting my projects.

I need to start reducing my stash of yarn, it's getting ridiculous. It no longer all fits in my rubbermaid tub. The bad thing is I really want to buy more yarn. I have my eye on this one.
I think I have a yarn addiction. If I had my digital camera I could show this to you since it is currently all strewn on my floor. soon. christmas is a week and a half away.