Saturday, February 04, 2006

Knitting, Again

I started knitting again. I don't know what keeps drawing me to it, but I am constantly on a quest to find crochet stitches that resemble knitting and sometimes I just go for the knitting. It's odd. I enjoy it alot though. I finished a hat. I real knitted hat. I need to take a pic of it before i die it. It fits, its beautiful, it's not for me. Besides, i have so many hats and i messed up the ribbing pretty weird but sshhh we won't tell the recipient. I made it from and angora/wool sweater I bought at a garage sale for a dollar. It's insanely soft yarn.

My knitting craving is not fufilled yet. I want a sweater. i found this one that i want, it doesn't look to bad pattern wise.


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