Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Project Pictures

So, when i made my last post i thought that i had done more projects in the last semester than I had, but i couldn't think of any. Well, I found the pictures. So here we go!

Dinosaur Hat! Rawr!

(I don't know why he insisted on sticking out his tongue, but he did)

I made it for my little brother. He told me he didn't want to wear it because it will scare the other kids. geesh. so he hasn't worn it since i made it in November. I did convince him to wear it so I could take pictures.
Pattern Info:
Dinosaur Hat Pattern from Moth Heaven
It was pretty easy and i only screwed up(completely a reading error on my part) once.
Great pattern, it was really fun to make and gave me some great experience with decreasing/increasing.
More Pictures!

The spikes are straight, really, i promise

And Bonus! One with me wearing it!