Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What have I been doing?

So... i was going to put up some more completed projects since its been ages, and i'm looking around to see what i have. one hat. very unexcited. Ribbed all the way to the top with p3k3 in wool-ease chunky. purple, if you wanted to know. i don't even have a picture.
Surely I have something else i have made.......oh, the never ending scarf aka the irish hiking scarf. I started it in november. I'm about 6 inches from the end and i never want to make another cable again. No knitted scarfs ever again. Crochet only.

This brings up an interesting subject. I definitely research and think about knitting/crocheting alot more than i actually knit or crochet. very weird. I definitely want to make a summer top. badly. but i don't have the right yarn and i have negative money to spend on buying yarn.

So i think i'm going to have another go at fair-isle/color work. I start the end paper mitts from eunnyknits and the first one looks very ugly and wonky so i have to start over, which i am not looking forward to since its on dpns. i really need some size 1 and 2 circulars.

Maybe i'll try to make up a new tunisian crochet pattern. that always makes me happy. maybe some shorts...or a summer top! that would be perfect. it will have to be in arcylic sportweight yarn. which is also burgundy. yum. oh, well. when im rich i'll have my own yarn store with all the yarn i want.